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The ability of Malacca to thrive and live in peace and prosperity depend on the level of security and safety. Melaka State Government to build security and always ensure that citizens and residents live in safe, sheltered from all types of internal and external threats.

Melaka stable in terms of security and safety has been an attraction for foreign investment and trade activities as well as the business has the potential to grow and compete in the Global.

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  • Immigration Department of Malaysia Melaka
  • Department Registration Assocation Malacca
  • Publication Control Division and Al-Quran Text
  • Road Safety Department


The work on the prevention of fire and rescue in Malaysia is under the responsibility ofFire and Rescue Department ( Services provided by this department include incidents and disasters such as fire, leakage / spillage / explosion of dangerous materials, accidents, natural disasters and the prevention of open burning. Any events that require service and support of the department should be reported immediately. Here are the phone numbers of emergency-related:

  • Fire : 994
  • Police: 999 (from a landline) or 112 (from a mobile phone)
  • Ambulance and Emergency - 991 (from a landline) or 112 (from a mobile phone)

The work of search and rescue at sea is provided by the Department of Peninsular Malaysia (Marine Department) that provide services to the public 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Persatuan Sukarelawan Pencegahan Api dan Menyelamat atau Malaysian Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association ( provides services related to rescue efforts. Their website is a useful point of reference not only about their services, but also information on the security aspects in the home and community.


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