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Field Sports in Melaka involving several agencies / departments such as the Department of Youth & Sports of Malacca (JBSN), Melaka Sports Council (NSC) and the Stadium Negeri Melaka. Here is more information about the agency / department:

Department of Youth & Sports of Malacca(JBSN):

Youth and Sports Department of Malacca (JBSNM) has been around and has been operating since 1967. The Department of Administration is divided into headquarters, Youth and Sports Complex and three districts of Malacca Tengah, Alor Gajah and Jasin.

Among JBSN mission is to provide the Program Development, Youth and Sports in order to give the best contribution towards the construction of a nation that excels in a wide range, especially for:

  • Increasing development towards the younger generation to inherit and lifting civilization and,
  • Sports development to individuals and society.


Please contact the Department of Youth & Sports of Malacca in:

Department of Youth & Sports of Malacca
Jalan Tasek,Ayer Keroh
75450 Malacca

No. Tel: +606-2345900/06-2345901
No. Faks: +606-2345905

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