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1. What is Melaka Portal?

Melaka Portal is an abbreviated name for the Melaka State Government Official Portal. It is designed as the single gateway to information and services provided by the Melaka State Government via the Internet.

2. Why create Melaka Portal?

Most of the Melaka State Government information and online services have been on the internet for a long time, and Melaka Portal is created to provide you easy access and search for these information and services.

Its easy-to-remember URL is your first door to the Melaka State Government in cyber space. Here you will be provided answers to your government related enquiries and concerns.

3. Who is eligible to access Melaka Portal?

Generally, Melaka Portal is open to all public users. However, you are required to register as a member to be allowed to access certain information as well as to conduct certain services online.

4. What about privacy? Am I being monitored of my access and my usage of Melaka Portal?

Your access and usage of Melaka Portal is not monitored. To learn more about the Melaka Portal Privacy Policy, click on the Privacy Policy at the bottom of each page.

5. How can I contact Melaka Portal?

You can click on Feedback and fill the feedback form. Alternatively, you can contact Melaka Portal team at:-

Bahagian Teknologi Maklumat Dan Komunikasi
Jabatan Ketua Menteri Melaka
Aras 1, Blok Temenggong,
Seri Negeri, Hang Tuah Jaya,
75450 Ayer Keroh,
Tel: 06-2333333
Email: webmaster[at]melaka[dot]gov[dot]my

6. How can I send feedback to the Government agencies in Melaka?

You can send your feedback by clicking a "Feedback" which is located at the top of the Portal page. You need to fill up the feedback form that appears and submit it.
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