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State Emblem
Information about the coat of arms of Malacca & derivation

Five colors of the emblem of the state is the colors that indicate that a state of Malacca in Malaysia. Five kris blade in the emblem symbolize the five people Melaka warrior in ancient times the famous and brave: Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekiu, Sindhu Hang and Hang Kasturi. The crescent moon and star split five standing on the middle of it too is a symbol that Islam is the official religion of the state.

In addition, there is also a tree and two tails that tells the tale of how Pelanduk Malacca was founded. Annals have witnessed a fight between a Pelanduk with a dog when he was resting under the Melaka tree. He was impressed with the strength and wisdom of the little mouse deer. Although small, the badgers are still perky and he finally decided to set up residence there and named in conjunction with the Melaka tree.

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