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State Flower
Information About Flowers & derivation of Malacca

Kesidang or botanical name " Vallabris glabra " is the Flower of Malacca. It belongs to the family Apocynaceae . Kesidang floral scent is very noticeable in the morning and the fragrance is always compared with pandan leaves.


The form is pretty small and very attractive and suitable for decoration, especially the fragrant smells fill every space and enduring. Flowers kesidang suitable as decorative sculptures, pergolas and are normally found in temples, churches, weddings and other celebrations.

In short, kesidang flower is often used as decoration flowers in entertainment occasions and in places of honor. Melaka traditional society makes kesidang as women hair styling flowers, wedding decorations and tools Malay wedding ceremony such as betel-leaf box and potpourri. Kesidang flower as a symbol of the ideal of Malacca. Although small, beauty and fragrance will captivate all Melaka as consisting of various ethnic groups, the history and the progress made today.



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